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Reducing plastic use

August 24, 2022
This is great news for the planet and the animals we share it with. Many of us will have seen distressing footage of fish navigating plastic-filled waters, and birds who have mistaken plastic for food. You can feel quite helpless in the face of such images – but we can all do our little bit to change the tide.

Investing in longer-lasting, multiple use items is an easy way to make a difference. Handy zero-waste items include: a metal water bottle, metal straws, reusable razors, reusable lunch boxes, keep cups, tote bags, a plastic-free sponge, reusable cotton swabs, plastic-free deodorant, reusable on-the-go utensils, a bamboo toothbrush and reusable period products.

If you have a zero-waste shop near you then these are fantastic businesses to support, run by individuals who are really making a difference in their local community. At these shops, customers bring in their own containers and pay by weight. 

However, not everyone has access to a zero-waste shop or can afford to buy all of their groceries in one. If you’re sticking with your local supermarket then you can make positive choices such as buying loose fruit and veg – who needs their apples to come in a plastic bag anyway?

When you’re out and about, get into the habit of ordering your drink without a napkin or a straw. Bringing your own containers to your local takeaway can also help us to avoid accumulating so many of those plastic boxes which take up space in our cupboards. 

While going zero-waste can be possible for some people, it’s important to remember that every little helps. Implementing some small changes is always better than feeling overwhelmed and disengaging from the topic entirely. If we all choose a few areas to focus on, this quickly adds up to a huge difference.