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Conserving water

August 24, 2022
A vegan diet is much less intensive in terms of water use than one which includes animal products, especially products taken from cows. There are many other ways to conserve water in your everyday life too.

We all know that opting for showers over baths can save gallons of water – but did you know that installing a water-conserving shower head can make your personal hygiene even more water efficient? There are other shower hacks you can use, such as placing a tub in the shower to collect the cold water while it heats up. This can be used to water your plants.

Speaking of washing – some of us are washing our clothes more frequently than is needed. Not only does this slowly degrade your clothing, but it’s also wasteful. Consider spot-cleaning your clothes if there is a visible patch that needs cleaning, rather than throwing the whole thing in the laundry basket. And when you do put on a load, ensure that it’s full rather than doing multiple smaller loads. Washing clothes on cooler temperatures saves energy and means you don’t need to worry about mixing colours.

There are plenty of ways to conserve water in the garden. Installing a water butt can be very satisfying – you can use the collected rainwater to keep your plants happy during dryer days. When it comes to watering your plants, doing so in the early morning or evening is the best use of your resources as less water will evaporate in the sun.

There are plenty of ways to save water in the kitchen, too. Some kettles have tabs inside to show when you’ve reached the correct amount for one, two or three cups of tea. When it comes to washing up, a dishwasher is more efficient than washing up by hand, along with saving you time.